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Astrology Readings


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    mercuryWhen Obama went on TV and declared war last week,(1) Mercury was entering the degree range of the Cardinal Cross. The messenger god delivered the message.

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    levels-of-pain-levels-of-blissIt’s undeniable that the world is in a state of acute disaster.1 We have here a collective illness that won’t go away without major intervention.

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  • This Crowd Will Not Disburse

    Sri_Anandamoyi_MaAnandamayi Ma was once asked how someone would know whether to choose the renunciate life. Replied she, “Would one deliberate on whether to flee a massacre?” (1)

    We all ...

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  • Fake News

    imagesDo you watch Jon Stewart’s “fake news?” The Daily Show is my primary health care provider, offering therapeutic release through snark. Without him, many of us would explode from pent-up outrage ...

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"Jessica Murray's insights are prodigious and trenchant, her intelligence unabashed; yet she manages to remain warmhearted and fully human,
no matter how volcanic the territories she explores."
- Steven Forrest