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Getting a reading with Jessica will provide you with insights about your own chart and transits that allow you to respond rather than react to the events in your life.

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For a big-picture glance at what’s going on in the world, the blog looks at how current events are lining up with astrological transits.


Jessica offers an ever expanding library of lectures on a variety of diverse astrological and esoteric topics, which can be downloaded instantly as an MP3 or MP4.

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Ongoing sessions are available for students and clients interested in learning how to apply astrological principles in depth, as well as how to live through the center of their charts.


Jessica has teamed up with Astrology University to provide webinars on a range of topics, including a series on the planets from a transpersonal point of view.


Read excerpts and reviews of Jessica’s two books, the most recent being At the Crossroads: An Astrologer Looks at these Turbulent Times. Available for purchase here.>


Jessica's longer essays, previously published in journals such as The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

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"Jessica Murray's insights are prodigious and trenchant, her intelligence unabashed; yet she manages to remain warmhearted and fully human,
no matter how volcanic the territories she explores."
- Steven Forrest