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December 2007
Fire at the Threshold

The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction
We are not quite finished with Pluto in Sagittarius. Or, if you will, it is not quite finished with us.This month the transit will begin its swan song with a fabulously apt coupling: The Dark God will conjoin with Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. What a way to mark the receding tenure of the planet of destruction in the sign of crusades.

Is nothing sacred?

For thirteen years Pluto has orchestrated the global drama of outworn belief systems burning into ash.

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November 2007
Generation X Explodes

The Saturn Return

The Saturn Return is one of the most talked-about transits in astrology. It is known as the time when the chickens come home to roost, responsibility-wise. Here comes adulthood, ready or not! Provided that we live at least thirty years, all of us will experience a Saturn Return. The question is whether we will step over this threshold with an attitude of acceptance, or kicking and screaming.

When it comes to isolating key themes of group psychology, astrologers find Saturn’s neat three-decades-long cycle a handy generational marker.… click here to continue reading.

October 2007
Saturn Enters Virgo with a Bang

Saturn’s entry into Virgo, an ingress that happens once every thirty years, took place under skies that were shimmering with significance. It happened a few days before the New Moon, also in Virgo, on Sept 11th; and this was a New Moon with a vengeance: not only was it a Solar Eclipse, but it took place on a date that has become iconic in the collective imagination. Moreover, it occurred during a Grand Cross in mutable signs.… click here to continue reading.

September 2007
Pisces and Pain

Mars (now in Gemini) squares Uranus on September 3rd. The Sun (now in Virgo) opposes Uranus on September 9th. Jupiter (still in Sagittarius) will be squaring Uranus October 9th. This will pit all the three other mutable signs against the planet of wild and sudden changes, now in Pisces, the most mutable sign of them all.

Uranus transits on the personal level

One way to take advantage if this situation is to imagine that each of the three planets facing off against Uranus over the next several weeks has a question to ask it.… click here to continue reading.

August 2007
No More Lone Voice in the Wilderness

Half the sky in Leo

Pyro-philes and party people, rejoice. Half the planets in the sky will be in Leo at some point during August.

The rosy-cheeked optimism of fire comes sprinting onstage at the outset of the month in the form of a Jupiter-Sun trine. The Sun being in Leo, which it rules, and Jupiter being in Sagittarius, which it rules, means they’re each in their very favorite places to be.… click here to continue reading.

July 2007
Taking the Game Seriously

The Saturn-Neptune opposition, whose last shimmering exactitude1 hangs in the air as July begins, has made its goofy, ridiculous, tragic and potentially enlightening mark upon the consciousness of the world over the course of the last three years.  This tug-of-war between the planets of realism (Saturn) and surrealism (Neptune) has given us a fools’ paradise of disillusion2, meltdown and revelation.

We saw water disasters wipe out villages in Southeast Asia and inundate a great historic city in the USA as if they were sand castles leveled by the tide.… click here to continue reading.

June 2007
The Foreign and the Alien

Clash of the Mutables

June opens with the electric heat of the Jupiter-Uranus square vibrating in the air.This aspect is one of the strongest patterns in the sky right now, setting the tone for these last several years of the ‘00s.

Jupiter and Uranus began their showdown as the calendar year began. The dynamic between them expressed itself in the Virginia Tech shootings in April; it is going to be triggered again by Uranus’ station on the 23rd of this month; and it will reach exactitude for the last time in early October.… click here to continue reading.

May 2007
The Troubled Young Man with a Gun

Astrologers are looking at the chart of the Virginia Tech shootings for hints about the mind and motivations of Cho Seung-hui, America’s latest Troubled Young Man (With a Gun). A dread new cultural archetype, the TYM(WAG) is a desperately attention-worthy sign of the times. We have come a long way from the 1950s’ Man in the Grey Flannel Suit.

But the chart does not tell us just about Cho. It tells us about the season we are living through.… click here to continue reading.

April 2007
The Reality/Unreality Paradox

Saturn Stationary Opposite Neptune

Saturn and Neptune have been opposing each other in the sky for the last couple of years, with an unmistakable impact upon the mass mood. In some ways blatantly obvious, in some ways extremely subtle, this aspect is an all-encompassing indicator of the feeling tone of what has been a very peculiar period.

Neptune’s penchant for the non-ordinary has seeped into humanity’s emotional life, enlivening the last half of the decade with ambivalent dramas as fascinating as they are disturbing.

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March 2007
The Bastard Muses of American Culture

The Equinox this month is astrology’s New Year’s Day. It represents the Sun’s entry into the first minute of the first degree of the first sign; and it bursts upon the scene like buds splitting open in the sunlight.

This is the chart we read to take the pulse of the whole zodiacal year. In the Northern hemisphere it signifies the first day of Spring, officially arriving this year on March 20th at 5:09 PDT.… click here to continue reading.