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The Cardinal Cross Years

Published in The Mountain Astrologer June/July 2008 as “Astrology in Troubled Times”

Astrology as Spiritual Constant

Troubled times have always been astrology’s stock in trade. From the lunar calendars of Ice Age shamans1 to the glossy magazine horoscopes at the grocery store, in one form or another people have looked to the sky to explain their distresses, large and small. Throughout human history astrology has provided a spiritual constant.But let us take a moment to qualify the term spiritual, for it is a peculiarity of the times we live in that the word has taken on a newly controversial buzz.… click here to continue reading.

July 2008
Starved and Stuffed

Saturn Direct

This month Saturn is direct again, climbing up through the early degrees of Virgo. Readers whose natal charts contain a planet in this degree range will feel a pinch they may remember quite well — from last October, and then again in February — when Saturn was in this same place.  But you aren’t in the same place, are you?

The function of retrogradation is to repeat the cosmic lesson in question.

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