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Joy is great, isn’t it?

My neighborhood went nuts last night. A street party spontaneously combusted as the reports came in of Obama’s win. Whoops, whistles, howls of joy. And pots and pans! Love it when people bang on pots and pans. On New Year’s Eve it happens too, but this was way better. Congo drums in the streets of Harlem. In Chicago’s Grant Park: joy on faces not used to exuding joy.

This was my favorite layer of meaning to what happened Nov 4th, 2008, as Uranus and Saturn opposed in the sky.… click here to continue reading.

Nov 2008
The Lightning-Struck Tower

Picture lightning striking a sturdy old clock tower.

The cataclysmic Saturn-Uranus opposition gave us the perfect modern symbol of this ancient tarot card image, when the most reputable banks in the world (Saturn) collapsed (Uranus) like a house of cards at the Full Moon in September.

Americans were shocked – shocked! – to find that all those smart men1 at the highest echelons of the nation’s financial industry had been investing in junk mortgages.

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