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Big and Small

The weather is changing, the Wheel of the Year is turning. We’re heading into an eventful Equinox.1531474324_1368f053b4_m

Among the planetary cycles clicking into new patterns all at once in mid-to-late September (discussed in detail in the 4th lecture of my 2012 series; see box at right): Pluto, star of the Cardinal Crossroads, makes a station on Monday the 13th. Five days later the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is exact for the second time.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2010
The Shadow Side

People like to talk about their problems. Perhaps Nature instilled in our minds a tendency to obsess about what we think is wrong so we’d apply effort to get it right. The difficult parts of life compel us; they’re juicier than the easy parts, perhaps in the same way that villains in literature are always more interesting than the good guys.

Similarly, in conventional astrology the shadow side of a sign gets a lot more press than its benevolent side.… click here to continue reading.