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Death Metal Flying

The confetti had barely been swept up in town squares all over the world after the triumph in Egypt. The American public was distracted elsewhere, trying to find a job, or keep a job. And suddenly we were in another war.

Word was buzzing around the blogosphere that a post-March 11th natural disaster was likely

63841062(I detail these transits in my new lecture, Uranus Squared). The approach of Mars, the god of war, to the Aries point – the red-hot degree set off by Uranus on the day of the monster quake– called to mind disasters of a less natural variety: military ones. … click here to continue reading.

Terra Infirma

In any given era, humanity gives rise to just the right number of heroes, geniuses and saints to keep itself balanced and alive on its checkered evolutionary journey. When it is in crisis, it gives rise to Cassandras. Our epoch is chockablock with them. Some of them even announced the very date of the earthquake in Japan. fissure

Our prophets include climate-change environmentalists, anti-nuclear activists, telluric scientists and astrologers, who for years now have been talking about the likelihood of earthquakes (Uranus) and nuclear disasters (Pluto), as well as water disasters (see March’s Skywatch).… click here to continue reading.

Showdown in Wisconsin

The revolution has reached Wisconsin.

All in the scope of a bare few weeks, the world’s mind has been blown by the jasmine rallies (see new lecture, Uranus Squared) in the Middle East and Africa, student protests in the U.K. and anti-government eruptions in China and Pakistan; among other uprisings all over the globe. The world-altering transits that have kept astrologers buzzing for the past several years are coming to fullness.… click here to continue reading.

Mar 2011
Come Hell or High Water

Come Hell or High Water

For terrestrial life, water is important to the point of definitive. And it is becoming more so.

For at least part of the month of March, no less than six planets — the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Uranus — will be in Pisces, the wateriest of the three water signs.

Pisces can manifest as confusion or bliss, depending on how we approach it. This is our preview for next month’s grand, epoch-defining ingress, the most profound of 2011: On April 4th Neptune launches into Pisces, the sign of its rulership, for the first time in 168 years.… click here to continue reading.