Leaping Through the Portal

With the solar Eclipse of July 1st upon us, Greece is in flames. The cradle imagesof Western civilization is exploding with the Cardinal Cross.

Glimpsed sneaking away from the mayhem: none other than Goldman Sachs, whose world-famous (this was before they became world-notorious) consultants helped Greece mask its debt crisis with the same credit-swapping tricks that trashed Wall Street. I swear, not even the snarkiest black humorist could have come up with a scenario this outrageous. (I’m obliged to reader Preston for turning me on to an excellent article by Michael Hudson on the deeper echelons of the financial crisis.)

We are seeing a stunning encapsulation of everything astrologers have been expecting, as the summer Eclipses trigger the showdown between Uranus (revolution), Pluto (breakdown) and Saturn (debts come due).

Karma is an overused term, but astrologers have a very precise meaning for it: the results of processes we set in motion. This is Saturnine Law. In July’s Skywatch I discuss what happens to us when we get seduced into transformative action without remembering these laws. All hopped up by our fancy new technologies (Uranus) and enthralled by their immense power (Pluto), humanity’s got the bit in its teeth right now. But when we fail to factor in the potential results (Saturn) of what we’re doing, we get the kind of thing that happened in Japan in March.

In the karma department, the USA’s Saturn Return is peaking; its last exactitude is this August. Everywhere Uncle Sam turns, chickens are coming home to roost.

Buried beneath the big news stories on the Eclipse in mid-June was a disquietingly touching item about the war in Viet Nam, that military morass which kick-started The Sixties for many insular Americans. It was announced that Washington will join together with the Vietnamese government to clean up the defoliant Agent Orange, with which the Pentagon laid waste to that nation 50 years ago. The Cardinal Cross has offered up another parallel between our own era and that of the last rendezvous between Uranus and Pluto (1965-6), this one with a Saturnine twist: an invitation to take responsibility for crimes committed when the Cross was born.

And yet another old sin came forward to be redeemed, as the lunar Eclipse started to wane. The day before the Solstice, a group of Native Americans were awarded the largest settlement ever approved against the US government. It seems Washington stole or squandered billions of dollars worth of royalties intended for American Indians in exchange for grazing and other leases. The suit had been pending for more than a century.

The July first Eclipse is one of a series of portals of consciousness; opportunities for drastic breakthrough. I talk about these in my latest lecture, Something’s Happening Here. There are individuals all over the world who are making extravagant leaps of awareness right now.

It takes courage of a special kind to take this leap . Depending on the potentials within your own chart, these leaps could take various forms: active, private, whimsical or deeply solemn. They might take the form of unplugging from the internet for a week, as a means of reclaiming your brain. They might take the form of questioning conventional wisdom about current events; asking yourself, for instance, whether this latest quest for regime change in Libya has anything to do with the fact that that country has the largest oil reserves in Africa. They might take the form of letting yourself feel – in your belly (governed by Cancer, the sign of the Solstice) – the significance to the World Soul of a massive drought in China, a country that is home to 20% of the world’s population.

Don’t get stuck in “But what can I do about it?” Activism may be in the cards for you at some point; but the first step, for the purpose of this exercise, is to feel the questions. To defy the urge to deny. If we can obviate our usual blocking mechanisms and simply let the thought in, we are answering the call of these Eclipses. Musings like these stimulate the part of us that aches to be connected to the planetary moment.

Think up your own thought-seeds on July first. Use them to get a running-start leap through the portal.


"DEFY THE URGE TO DENY." That needs to go on a t-shirt, bumper stickers, etc. Reality IS difficult to take in and maturely deal with. Unfortunately, our culture, particularly the new age movement, has been programmed very well at this point to label anyone who does not simply smile and say "it's all good," or participate in the spiritual version of a Headstart participant - that life is supposed to be "happy happy joy joy," - that any voiced realities are described as "negative." I actually used to consult to Headstart programs - one of my favorite jobs. Unfortunately, most of my interventions were around the parents whom I tried gently to steer away from their hand-wringing over why Johnny still played in the dollhouse wearing a tutu and a lavendar satin cape (homophobia starts early) and toward the obvious fact that Johnny had the future potential to become the principal dancer at the New York City Ballet. I often used to end my consultations by being invited by the 4 year olds to stay for lunch. Sitting at kiddie-sized tables in kiddie-sized chairs eating macaroni and cheese was a wonderful exercise in perspective. It is a sensation that I have had more frequently of late with my adult acquaintances. Mention the word radionuclides and faces go first blank and then, as the brain re-orients itself to its old, worn-out neurological patterns, shift into their benevolently "enlightened" and condescending gaze at the negative geek in the corner. That is as paralyzing as the depression and despair that can ensue in the face of our current world. Both need to be overcome at all costs. I think one of the portals we need to jump through is a quantum re-orientation to the world and why we are here. Humans, particularly westerners, have a deeply ingrained belief that the external world is here to make us happy. All the time. Increase and abundance are our rights. They are not. They are visited upon us just as easily as poverty and hunger. The rhythms of the Mother rise and fall with or without us. We need to realize that what we are here to do is to reflectively observe and bear the vicissitudes of life, which is entirely out of our control. How closely and subtly can we feel into her movements? Our value and worthiness are not determined by our external circumstances nor a vacuous posturing of sitting with a happy face while the house burns down around us. Summoning the courage to stand up and respond is where the emotional 4 year olds and the adults are going to be divided. The future of all of our progeny, collectively, is at stake here. And I agree with you, to FEEL into the depths of this time and place is first up on the agenda. Yes, it IS depressing, heartbreaking, etc. But those are momentary states of being. They pass, just as our lives do. Full recognition of those internal emotions becomes the compass point by which we can take the helm as grown-ups and navigate toward the life-giving actions that may lead us into a a wiser future. Thanks for the post. As always, you provide a wonderful anchor from which to contemplate and formulate a coherent portrait of humanity as a whole.