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The Darkest Knight

url-4Astrologers knew something was going to blow. With Pluto (destruction) and Uranus (sudden shocks) facing each other off in their first exact square, the energy field felt like it was scattered with gunpowder. Mars (guns) would provide the spark.

Those who follow the US (Sibly) chart have been watching transiting Mars provoke it since 2012 began. Off and on since February Mars in Virgo had been setting off the natal Mars-Neptune square (unconscious acting-out) of the trigger-happiest country on Earth.… click here to continue reading.

Oh Say Can You See

The Cardinal square was rattling with Full Moon energy this fourth of July. Mars had just entered Libra, hitting the Midheaven of the Sibly chart of the USA. Throughout July, Mars will trine Jupiter in Gemini. There’s nothing subtle about this energy. Like the  flashy grin on a politician, the public face of this big sprawling country is on brash display.

Like the eleventh of September, the July 4th holiday (which they both literally are: holy days of nation-statehood) sums up the bizarre mismatch between ideals and reality that most Americans find themselves negotiating in this unsteadiest of eras.… click here to continue reading.

Jul 2012
Refusing to Ignore

july_pic1Just after the Lunar Eclipse in June, the sky was shimmering with transits.Neptune was stationary and the Solstice was right around the corner, with the first exactitude of the Uranus-Pluto square on its heels. As if hearing the signal, two significant reports were released about global warming.1 For the astrologically inclined, the language used in one of the papers was especially striking. The scientists said Earth was approaching a “tipping point”.… click here to continue reading.