Cat Eyes

Are there Scorpios in your life who cast a spell on you? Certain members of this select coterie can engage other people like quick sand. A sense of intrigue emanates from deep within them. And every year, as the season begins to chill, this energy eroticizes the atmosphere for all of us. It has to do with the lure of the unseen. Secrets draw us in.

This Halloween (Samhain to the ancient Celts) the Sun is joined in Scorpio by Saturn, a transit we will be talking about in upcoming Skywatches. For the next couple of years, we’ll have a lot of work to do, down in the basement of the self.  Mars and Mercury, both also in Scorpio as October begins, are already setting the stage for thoughts and actions that spring from hidden motivations. And Naomi Wolff’s new book Vagina: A New Biography has arrived right on time, to provoke conversations about an appropriately taboo topic.

This month, inform yourself about the dark mysteries available (my lecture on the meaning of Halloween is posted here) and use their magic accordingly. Engage them at cocktail parties in black tights. Move into Halloween with your cat eyes open.


Love the eyes. Mine are deep yellow green and scorpio. With pluto on ascendant and trine mars in aries. nice.