Predictable Shock

Mars will set off the Uranus-Pluto square in late November, striking at its most powerful point of access (see the Nov Skywatch). Much has been written about this transit’s unpredictability; but the concept needs to be qualified. We have learned enough about how Uranus and Pluto work to refine our understanding about the nature of shock.

During the transit’s peak years (2012-15), political upheavals should no longer be surprising. Shake-ups to governmental conventions are inevitable as the pillars of worldly power crumble and crack.  As for super-storms and earthquakes, they certainly give us a collective slap in the face — that’s their cosmic purpose — but at this point I don’t think we could consider them unexpected. Man-made environmental depredations are messing with meteorological and geothermal patterns. This is another known known, as the good general used to say.

These two types of unsurprising surprises are connected.  With every “freak” weather disaster (Uranus in Aries) such as the flooding in Manhattan and the earthquakes in China and Guatemala, humanity is being challenged to change its obsolete approach to its infrastructures (Pluto in Capricorn). Such as building nuclear plants and skyscrapers in earthquake zones, and exorbitant sports stadiums in coastal areas that will be underwater within our lifetimes if nothing is done to stop global warming.

Another Capricornian condition crying out for Uranian change is the corrupt state of governmental agencies set up to regulate industry, supposedly in the public interest. Consider this revelation recently unearthed through the Freedom of information Act: A month after the US Environmental Protection Agency found radiation in air, water and milk as a result of toxic fallout from Japan last Spring, the task of collecting nuclear data was handed off to — wait for it — a nuclear industry lobbying group.

As the USA recovers from the one-two punch of storm and election (Mars opposition Sibly Uranus), it’s time to prepare our perspective for more unsurprising shocks. Over the solstice period, Jupiter catches up with the Sibly Uranus at the same time that Saturn quincunxes it. This natal Uranus is the signature of America’s independent spirit, and when it is provoked we can expect a surge of creative popular outrage.

Whatever it triggers will take place against the backdrop of the long-anticipated date that spells out the upcoming learning curve for the world (discussed in detail in my lecture): December 21st 2012.

Jim Perilman
Jim Perilman

In the years 1212-1215, as the Uranus-Pluto square works out, America's electrical grid will be repeatedly challenged by extreme weather, earthquakes, power overload, and terrorist hackers. It is our country's Achilles' heel, period. When the grid goes down in the 21st Century we are thrown back 100 years without the psychological conditioning to deal with it. No electric light, no heat, no land line communication, food spoils, water pumps shut down, gas stations can't pump gas, and generators all too quickly need fuel as well. Electricity is the oxygen of modern life.