Jun 2017
Fairness Awareness

There are five planetary ingresses in June. Nearly half the solar system is moving from one sign into another.

On the 6th Mercury moves into Gemini, and Venus into Taurus. Each is entering the sign of its rulership.

Our mental functioning (Mercury) will be especially quick and active for a couple of weeks. Aesthetically and emotionally (Venus), artistic and relationship impulses are sensual and fertile.


On the behavioral front, Mars enters Cancer on June 4th, highlighting domestic and defensive matters (ego protections included). This nurturing, sheltering impulse is amplified by the Sun’s entry into Cancer at the Solstice on the 20th, and by Mercury’s arrival there the next day.

Jupiter and Neptune

June also features two important stations: ideal times to school ourselves in the lesson the transit in question is trying to teach. If you’re partial to ritual, lighting a candle to the pivoting planet is an elegant way of making contact.

As a way of sealing the deal, we can write on a slip of paper the essence of the teaching in question, and burn it in the flame.

Growth arc

On June 9th it is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, to whom we direct our prayer. Its direct station marks a shift in direction that traditionally augurs the green lighting of big plans.

Somewhere in our lives (check the house of your chart where Jupiter is passing), we are experiencing a broadening of horizons; this has just been given the go-ahead.

There may be forward movement in a work project that has seemed to be spinning its wheels since early February, when Jupiter went retrograde. Our invocation can be for a growth arc that is smooth and life-affirming.


But transits are not always expressed by external events.

As a social planet (not a personal one), Jupiter is about our moral relationship to the wider world. This is why it governs ideologies: beliefs through which we cultivate a worldview.

However we frame our ideals — in societal, spiritual or intellectual terms — they dictate the way we make meaning out of life.

When we neglect our relationship with Jupiter, we may accuse the world of meaninglessness.

Such hubris! This is a case of projecting our own ideological blindspot upon the great outer world.

What’s really going on is that we have lost touch with our innate ability to seek and articulate meaning.


Jupiter is in Libra this year, until Oct. 10th, which puts the focus on the balance of opposites.

Since last September, we’ve all been refining our sense of what’s fair and what’s unfair. The concept of equality has been playing
itself out between races, spouses, nations, and friends paying a restaurant bill.

Whether consciously or reactively, we are all working on a deeper understanding of what is right and just. If we are unsure where we stand in regards to the myriad tug-of-wars of life, what happens at the station can provide clues.

Cosmic sea

On June 16th Neptune stations retrograde. Spiritual seekers will want to use this transit to get in touch with the part of ourselves that knows that everything in Creation is part of the same whole. The prayer we offer up mid-month might be a request to be more open to this great truth.

Under transits like these, the gateway to universal consciousness opens up a little wider, allowing us a peek into what we know is true, but tend to forget, living day to day: that everything in the material world is an illusion, and that we are all sloshing around in the same cosmic sea.

On the 16th, the veils which normally keep us from seeing Neptune’s truth are very thin. Invoked at the station, its teachings can pour into us, deeply and poignantly.

We are seeking to resonate with universal connectedness. Not merely as a spiritually-correct theory, but as a heartfelt reality.

[Hands-on-chest photo]: Maurice Tabard
[Blonde with rose]: Mira Nedyalkova
David Mitchell: Cloud Atlas
Woman on cliff: Christian Staub