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Personalized readings with Jessica can provide the kind of insight that allows you to respond authentically to present circumstances, rather than react through past patterns. Natal and transit readings can be one-time only or ongoing, in person or by phone. To book a reading or ask questions, email Jessica using the form at the bottom of this page. Click here to jump to the contact form.

Astrology ReadingsBIRTHCHARTS
Jessica erects your chart, analyzes and translates the data. The taped session may be in person or over the phone.

After the initial reading, Jessica can pinpoint where you are right now along with upcoming major transitions.

After having worked with one chart, Jessica can do a chart comparison, with one or both persons present at the appointment, to clarify the dynamics in romantic, platonic, professional and familial relationships.

Learn more about sessions with Jessica and get tips for astro-virgins.

A first reading with Jessica focuses upon life-long themes, with Jessica introducing those transits that are most pressing — the rarest and most profound ones, which are usually the most obvious. There is a lot of information packed into an initial reading (no need to have more than one). As-needed sessions are 70 minutes long.

Humanistic astrology is by nature non-judgmental, compassionate, practical and spiritual at the same time. A reading can give you the necessary perspective for detachment and progress. Natal and transit readings can be one-time-only or ongoing, in person, or by phone (no cell phones, please).


Jessica offers one-on-one tutorials to serious students. In the age-old tradition of in-depth instruction, the mentorship program is designed to continue the unbroken thread of astrological knowledge, as well as to undertake an examination of the soul work indicated by the student’s birthchart. In our ongoing dialogue, we examine life issues both prosaic and profound, leading the student to become increasingly fluent in astrological vocabulary at the same time that s/he delves more and more deeply into the mysteries of her life purpose.

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