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The Other Side, Part Two

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We (Not You), the People

Everywhere we look, cultural institutions are dissolving. What’s the best way to participate in this chaotic historical moment without losing our sanity?

Or, to put it in more spiritually ambitious terms, how do we express ourselves from the center of our charts while a shit storm rages around us?

First of all, let’s press into service a raw truth about life that we’ve learned from physics, from astrology, from gardening: breakdown entails the release of power.… click here to continue reading.

The Other Side, Part One

Beyond Incredulity

It’s hard, isn’t it? watching Trump’s most vicious fans on the march, righteous and emboldened.

It is painful in a different way — as in, bitterly ironic — to watch marginalized rural folks cheering for policies that would eviscerate their own interests. It is galling to see struggling, out-of-work Americans fawning over a billionaire who brags about tax-dodging and union-busting.

It is exasperating to hear self-avowed Christians championing a man whose every act flies in the face of everything their religion holds dear.… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2017
Behind the Moon

For a while now, astrologers have been looking at the transits of late summer 2017 with mixed emotions: some with dread and some with awe, but all with great respect.

Uncle Sam singled out

The Great American Eclipse, so called because its path of totality highlights the USA from coast to coast, coincides with the New Moon of August 21st. This tells us that it’s a beginning. But it’s a super-charged beginning — one that colors not only the whole month, but the rest of this calendar year at least.… click here to continue reading.

Truth or Dare: Major Transits of 2017

Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer,  Feb/Mar 2017

The opposition between Jupiter (understanding) and Uranus (shifts and shocks) will be asking Americans to get real in a new way this year. Worldwide, it will rattle complacencies. Starting in December ‘16, we saw an upswing of urgency against a backdrop of long-term crises. The confusion and chaos of 2016’s Saturn-Neptune square has quickened into a more wakeful mood as the major transits of 2017 return us to the themes of the Cardinal Cross, now in its assimilation phase.… click here to continue reading.

Jul 2017
Dive Right In

Mars sets off the Cardinal Cross this month, igniting our gnarliest issues. Problems that have been dogging us for years make themselves known, daring us forward.

If we’re smart, we’ll dive right into them.

“Can you cook and sew, make flowers grow?” (1)

Mars is now in Cancer (6/4-7/20), a moody, close-to-home placement. In this sign the martial impulse is security-conscious and subjective.

Mars is the urge to self-assert; Cancer is the instinct to protect.… click here to continue reading.

Donald Trump and the USA Chart

Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer,  Feb/Mar 2017

With his progressed Sun moving into his first house (significant beginnings) and Jupiter trining his Sun/Uranus for most of 2017, Donald Trump’s electoral success makes astrological sense. This is the year of his Jupiter Return, a year to cash in on many fronts (2nd house).

Cardinal Cross

But it also means that the transiting Jupiter-Pluto square impacts him all the more powerfully (peaking in Jan, July – early Sept, and Nov 2017).… click here to continue reading.

Skeptical but Aware

We know that what we see on the news isn’t reality.

On some level of awareness, everybody knows that no matter what type of corporate media they’re watching —  straight-up propaganda like Fox News, or propaganda-lite like CNN — they’re seeing a carefully sanctioned story line.

But this doesn’t let us off the hook for what’s going on in our world. It doesn’t mean we get to stop paying attention.

Is an event meaningless just because we don’t believe what the anchorman says it means?… click here to continue reading.

Jun 2017
Fairness Awareness

There are five planetary ingresses in June. Nearly half the solar system is moving from one sign into another.

On the 6th Mercury moves into Gemini, and Venus into Taurus. Each is entering the sign of its rulership.

Our mental functioning (Mercury) will be especially quick and active for a couple of weeks. Aesthetically and emotionally (Venus), artistic and relationship impulses are sensual and fertile.


On the behavioral front, Mars enters Cancer on June 4th, highlighting domestic and defensive matters (ego protections included).… click here to continue reading.