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Limiting the Dark, Deepening the Light: The Saturn-Pluto Opposition

The Flaming Arrow

Astrologers have been talking for years about the likelihood of holy wars during Pluto’s tenure in Sagittarius, the sign of religion. On September 11, the fiery arrow that is this sign’s symbol took the form of a speeding airplane (Sagittarius again) crashing into New York’s proud mercantile towers.
The Twin Towers
Practitioners of the tarot will have recognized the televised image immediately. The Tower is the card of cataclysmic change, wrenching a people out of complacency.… click here to continue reading.

Hidden Faces of the Asteroid Goddesses

Published in The Mountain Astrologer, Spring 1998.

During the last few decades the inequities of patriarchy have been challenged in virtually every realm, from the legal to the linguistic. Celestial symbolism may be the last bastion of the old boy’s club that has defined civilization in the Western World, but there are stirrings of change even there. The discovery of the four major asteroids, just now, at the advent of the Millennium, symbolizes that change.… click here to continue reading.

Coming Back Home to the Cosmos: Humanity’s Re-embrace of the Feminine

“Patriarchy is best understood as the 5,000-year birth-canal of the Great Mother Goddess.”

— Richard Tarnas, at the Cycles and Symbols III Conference,
San Francisco February 1997

A long, long time ago, the cosmic creation force was seen as female: the spark of life that had begun the Universe was likened to a biological mother giving birth. The earth, which fed everybody, was seen as maternal. People saw her caves as wombs, and buried their dead back within the belly of the Mother, vagina-like cowry shells clutched in their hands.… click here to continue reading.

Physics vs. Metaphysics: A False Divide

“Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.”


The physicist Will Keepin, a scientist with a distinctly metaphysical bent, has organized the objections he hears to astrology into two categories: the first being the claim that there is no evidence for astrology, and the second being the claim that there is no theoretical mechanism for it.

The no-evidence claim is invalidated by the much-touted studies of Michel Gauquelin, who began with a quest to disprove astrological correlations and ended up compiling reams of data validating them.… click here to continue reading.