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The Other Side, Part Three

Native Son

(For Part Two, click here.)

There are ways of looking at this appalling presidency that have nothing to do with politics per se.

Those of a Jungian frame of mind, for example, might propose that Trump is a creation of the collective consciousness.

A transpersonal astrologer, and even some historians, might say that he is not an aberration but an epitome.

Uncle Sam’s Evil Spawn

The man may well be certifiably crazy, as attested by the Duty-to-Warn shrinks.… click here to continue reading.

The Other Side, Part Two

(For Part One, click here.)

We (Not You), the People

Everywhere we look, cultural institutions are dissolving. What’s the best way to participate in this chaotic historical moment without losing our sanity?

Or, to put it in more spiritually ambitious terms, how do we express ourselves from the center of our charts while a shit storm rages around us?

First of all, let’s press into service a raw truth about life that we’ve learned from physics, from astrology, from gardening: breakdown entails the release of power.… click here to continue reading.

The Other Side, Part One

Beyond Incredulity

It’s hard, isn’t it? watching Trump’s most vicious fans on the march, righteous and emboldened.

It is painful in a different way — as in, bitterly ironic — to watch marginalized rural folks cheering for policies that would eviscerate their own interests. It is galling to see struggling, out-of-work Americans fawning over a billionaire who brags about tax-dodging and union-busting.

It is exasperating to hear self-avowed Christians championing a man whose every act flies in the face of everything their religion holds dear.… click here to continue reading.

Skeptical but Aware

We know that what we see on the news isn’t reality.

On some level of awareness, everybody knows that no matter what type of corporate media they’re watching —  straight-up propaganda like Fox News, or propaganda-lite like CNN — they’re seeing a carefully sanctioned story line.

But this doesn’t let us off the hook for what’s going on in our world. It doesn’t mean we get to stop paying attention.

Is an event meaningless just because we don’t believe what the anchorman says it means?… click here to continue reading.

Apocalyptic Comic Strip, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Still not getting it

It isn’t for any lack of information. An avalanche of critical consensus has described what happened in November as a massive rejection, by ordinary Americans, of the status quo.

Trump’s win has been called “a very, very bad answer to some very good questions.” In a colossal waste of opportunity, those questions are still not being addressed by the anti-Trump forces with the most power.… click here to continue reading.

Apocalyptic Comic Strip, Part 1


Nobody told this brain-washed Manchurian Candidate that he was supposed to shoot the president, not grab the throne for himself.

Iain Sinclair

Donald J. Trump is like a figure in an apocalyptic comic strip, created for us by gods(1) who decided we were too slow to get the point via more subtle means.

Up until last year’s election, the decay underneath the surface of economic and political life was not, apparently, obvious enough.… click here to continue reading.

Happiness Report

Have you heard of the World Happiness Report? It sounds like a children’s book, or a fantasy movie: too charming and healthy to be a real thing.

But it is. It’s an annual document compiled by the U.N. (1)  The most recent one came out last month on the Vernal Equinox, the first day of the zodiacal year.

From this date, astrologers infer key lessons about the cycle now underway.… click here to continue reading.

Vive la Résistance!
Part Four: Bigger than Trump

Granted, he’s like an appalling roadside accident from which it’s hard to look away. But in the interest of choosing our battles and clarifying our targets, we need to look beyond Trump, even if the media doesn’t.

The Orange One is a ruthless lightweight, whereas those lurking behind his throne are ruthless heavyweights. Mega-doners like the Mercers make the Koch brothers look like a pair of avuncular empaths.

Wall Street

Consider the forces that sent the stock market soaring a few days after the Inauguration.… click here to continue reading.

Vive la Résistance!
Part Three: My Country vs. Yours

The world desperately needs our intelligence right now. It needs us to keep our wits sharp and expansive.

This means avoiding the conventions of groupthink that weaken and diffuse them.

Such as dualistic thinking, which cramps our intelligence like a growing child dressed in tight clothes.

Here vs. There

We’ve talked about how every domestic issue is identified in the US media in terms of this party vs. that party. At least as limiting is the way every global issue is seen as this country vs.… click here to continue reading.

Vive la Résistance!
Part Two: Sea of Lies

Social media is a perfect fit for the Trump brain, an organ that has proven itself creepily savvy without being intelligent.

Ideally, the media (from mediate) exists to provide a bridge of thought between a given news event and the mass mind. But Trump’s “shadow government by Twitter” (the Guardian) has gotten around this.

His febrile little midnight tweets, un-fact-checked and unmitigated by impulse control, are mainlined straight into the mob’s reptile brain.… click here to continue reading.