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Big Wide World

imagesWe have about a month left of Jupiter in Gemini. What have we learned over the course of its tenure (June 11th, 2012 – June 25th, 2013)? Jupiter bestows the gift of perspective upon those who are ready for it. It makes conscious the previously unconscious models we’ve been using to confer meaning on things. These models frame our relationship with the big, wide world.

Most of us don’t think of this as a relationship, as such.… click here to continue reading.

Masters of War

Things are about to get complicated (see the Skywatch for May), with new energies entering the transit picture. So far,images-1 this Spring has been all about Mars.

The red planet has been throwing its weight around like a bully on the school bus. As we have seen, Mars set the tone for the whole season when it set off the Uranus-Pluto square at the Equinox. It is to Mars that astrologers are chalking up the hue and cry over weaponry in the USA.… click here to continue reading.

Martial Law

images-1The USA is aflame with Mars. News of explosions in Boston, Texas and Oklahoma are buzzing through the airwaves. Clips of blood-spattered victims from the marathon on Monday are playing on millions of television screens in an endless loop.

At this writing bomb squads in Boston are searching house-to-house, and citizens are being told to stay inside. I don’t know if the authorities there are calling it martial law, but astrologically that’s what this is.… click here to continue reading.


imagesIf you use transits for consciousness work, this month’s Pluto station has your name on it. It initiates a five-month inquiry into the forbidden realms within the self 1. In April’s Skywatch I talk about how we might handle this transit in our personal lives, as well as how to use the lunar eclipse on April 25th, when the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio will bring things to a head.… click here to continue reading.

Arms of Fire

images-2The warrior planet is in his element. A week before the Equinox – on the New Moon of March 11th –Mars entered Aries, the sign of its rulership. This inaugurated a riff of transits that will set off the explosive Uranus-Pluto square (see April’s Skywatch). Among the issues pushed to the fore in this period is one that usually disappears from the public conversation as suddenly as it appears: murder by firearms.… click here to continue reading.

Flying Monkeys

Drone AstrologyWhen you saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time, were you, too, terrified by the flying monkeys? I think the sight of them triggered something deep in the collective imagination. It was these creatures that came to mind, with horrible absurdity, when I was imagining what the children must be feeling, in villages far away, when they hear the drones.

In its current manifestation, the evil monkey archetype does not wear a fetching little fez.… click here to continue reading.

Say Her Name


At first we didn’t know her name.

Uranus, the planet of freedom, had just made a direct station at the New Moon in December. Three days later a 23-year-old physiotherapy student was tortured and gang raped on a bus in India, after which she and her male companion were thrown to the street and left for dead.

On Dec 25th and 26th, as the Sun squared Uranus, she clung to life in a Singapore hospital.… click here to continue reading.

Poison Permits

Pluto (toxicity, pollution) is settling in, after four years in Capricorn (economic infrastructures). So far, the transit has taught us quite a bit, in some arenas. For example, before the Wall Street meltdown of 2008 most of us probably hadn’t given a millimeter of brain space to dirty tricks with derivatives. Now, the dangers of casino capitalism are on the public’s radar.

It’s a start. But to match the radical necessity of these times, economic solutions have to go as deep as the ecological peril we are in.… click here to continue reading.

Predictable Shock

Mars will set off the Uranus-Pluto square in late November, striking at its most powerful point of access (see the Nov Skywatch). Much has been written about this transit’s unpredictability; but the concept needs to be qualified. We have learned enough about how Uranus and Pluto work to refine our understanding about the nature of shock.

During the transit’s peak years (2012-15), political upheavals should no longer be surprising. Shake-ups to governmental conventions are inevitable as the pillars of worldly power crumble and crack.  … click here to continue reading.

Cat Eyes

Are there Scorpios in your life who cast a spell on you? Certain members of this select coterie can engage other people like quick sand. A sense of intrigue emanates from deep within them. And every year, as the season begins to chill, this energy eroticizes the atmosphere for all of us. It has to do with the lure of the unseen. Secrets draw us in.

This Halloween (Samhain to the ancient Celts) the Sun is joined in Scorpio by Saturn, a transit we will be talking about in upcoming Skywatches.… click here to continue reading.