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Drums of War

SC78663The American public is very confused right now, about what’s going on in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. So is Washington.

We don’t have the huge, divisive for-or-against war debate that we had a decade ago. Instead there’s an uneasy huffing and puffing from both political parties. It has the feeling of reluctant posturing, but cumulatively it sounds like the drumbeats of war.

It’s a deadly default strategy, and it’s only possible because of the absence of any sense of history.… click here to continue reading.

Without Looking Away

599095_434473863267727_111937871_nHere in the spring of 2015, Pluto is halfway through Capricorn. Its square with Uranus, having hit exactitude for the last time mid-March, has officially begun its assimilation phase. Our cells have started digesting it. Its lessons are slowly being absorbed into the troubled body of the Vasnetsov_Grave_diggerAnima Mundi.

But early April is beset by severe aftershocks. From April 5th-10th the Sun and Mercury in Aries will conjoin Uranus and square Pluto, our first post-exactitude test.… click here to continue reading.

Looking Death in the Eye

illusion-mushrooms-skullIt’s the perfect time to look death in the eye.

Right now, Pluto and Uranus are leaning in so close we can practically feel their breath.(1) Sparks from the Aries and Leo transits are practically singeing our eyebrows(2).

If we’re feeling bold enough to look death in the eye, first of all we  get ourselves centered. Then we identify our most deeply entrenched fears — the ones that make our innards contract just thinking about them (Pluto).… click here to continue reading.

Seventeen in Paris

40-12-17/35The  new year opened as the transits suggested it would, with reactive dogma (Saturn in Sagittarius) against the background of the Uranus-Pluto square, the astrological time bomb of our era.

The shootings in Paris aroused universal outrage, which has inspired a mass conversation. People’s hearts opened in an outpouring of a worldwide unity. Is this what these horrors are for?

This is the Saturn-in-Sagittarius question. What must happen to provoke us to ask it?… click here to continue reading.

Out, Damn’d Spot

originalIt’s like finding a piece of rotting meat in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator. We put it there ourselves, and then forgot about it.

Transits like this one trigger events that are often very unpleasant. Uranus and Pluto are exactly square in the sky, as I write. It’s the 6th out of seven times this historic transit (2012-15) has been exact to the degree. The last time will be in March 2015.… click here to continue reading.

Out of Africa

Horses_of_Neptune,_Walter_CraneNeptune is the also-ran outer planet. It hasn’t been getting the press that Uranus and Pluto have been getting. But it is stationing in mid-November in the sign of its rulership, Pisces, where it is maximally strong (2011-2025). These weeks of its station provide a window into its power.

Neptunian power is all-encompassing but subtle, like the smell of salt water in the air. We feel it buzzing in the collective vibration like an ocean of bees.… click here to continue reading.

First, Do No Harm

mercuryWhen Obama went on TV and declared war last week,(1) Mercury was entering the degree range of the Cardinal Cross. The messenger god delivered the message.

But Mercury didn’t cause the catastrophe. Planets don’t cause events, nor do they supply us with quick and easy answers. In fact, they pose questions. Right now they are posing some very pressing questions, and they aren’t taking “I don’t know” for an answer.… click here to continue reading.

Truth Workers

levels-of-pain-levels-of-blissIt’s undeniable that the world is in a state of acute disaster.1 We have here a collective illness that won’t go away without major intervention.

But by Natural Law there is an equally remarkable influx of truth-telling happening. It is a cure equal to the need.

The Cosmos is nothing if not symmetrical.


Truth flows into my reality every day. Sometimes it comes from artists, images-1sometimes from spiritual teachers, sometimes from “political” thinkers.… click here to continue reading.

This Crowd Will Not Disburse

Sri_Anandamoyi_MaAnandamayi Ma was once asked how someone would know whether to choose the renunciate life. Replied she, “Would one deliberate on whether to flee a massacre?” (1)

We all know what she was talking about. Who among us, if they’ve been paying attention at all, would not view human existence in the twenty-teens as a massacre?

But this recognition is just the beginning.

Not everyone has the chart of a renunciate (and of those who make that claim, many seem to be motivated not so much by a spiritual quest as by a desire to escape.… click here to continue reading.

Fake News

imagesDo you watch Jon Stewart’s “fake news?” The Daily Show is my primary health care provider, offering therapeutic release through snark. Without him, many of us would explode from pent-up outrage and frustration at the tin-eared babble that passes for news.

But every once in a while I’m reminded that professional skewerer Stewart is as wedded to the official narrative as those he skewers. His2300088128_a860c808b2_m reactions to media idiocy are part and parcel of the same closed system, ricocheting against the inside walls of the conceptual box that is American Pretend Politix.… click here to continue reading.