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The Most Important Moment

images-1The first moment of a cycle is its most important moment.

What the sky is doing at the moment a baby takes its first breath encodes the child’s lifelong potential.

The first few days of the lunar cycle set the tone for the entire month.1

And the first month of a given year encapsulates the teachings of that imagescalendar year.2

If you are mystically-minded you’ve no doubt explored this principle.… click here to continue reading.

The Wolves

images-3Astrologers have their eyes on Mars right now, as we will for the rest of this winter and spring. The warrior planet is tightrope-walking back and forth across the degree range occupied by Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. The kick-off of this riff was Christmas Eve, when Mars opposed Uranus in a debut as emphatic as a movie star’s face on a 96-foot screen.

One of the things that happened under that sky was a movie opening.… click here to continue reading.

Nothing Personal

vintage-christmas-shopping-pinterestJust in time for the holiday shopping season, we have the latest trend in American race bias: “shop-and-frisk,” the profiling of customers of color.

Retail racism is, of course, an American tradition. Some of the most iconic images in our history of bigotry are of the imagessegregated soda fountain.

Now the debate has moved uptown. Making headlines here in late 2013: the impugning by store clerks of a customer’s ability to afford grotesquely overpriced fashion accessories.… click here to continue reading.

Lightning Strikes

detailed_tourist_map_of_syriaThe transits around the Equinox suggested stark raving madness. One by one, quickly moving triggers have been setting off the Cardinal Cross, starting with Mercury’s ingress into Libra, which sent the horror in Syria galloping out in front of the world’s awareness (see September’s blog).

Jupiter’s conjunction to the US Cancer planets told us Uncle Sam was going to dive headfirst into the spotlight without a helmet.images-9 Just before the Equinox, Pluto was exactly at the midpoint of the US Sun-Jupiter by opposition when it stationed at the Full Moon.… click here to continue reading.

Stop and Understand

taiwan-national-defense-look-no-furhtur-its-uncle-samThe astrologers were on it before it began (see Adventures in Foreign Lands). Venus started to trigger the Cardinal Cross late last month; Mercury is launching into its degree range as I write. As the Equinox configurations line up in the sky (details in my new lecture), Mars (war) is squaring Saturn (oppression) in fixed signs (entrenched positions). This daunting aspect, which peaks on September 9th, offers nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.… click here to continue reading.

Cosmic Echoes

imagesThe sky remembers. Unlike us ADD-addled human persons, the sky has an impeccable memory. Right now it’s thinking about 2010 and 11.

2010 was the year environmentalism made a soaring leap into the mass consciousness, thanks to the assembling Uranus-Pluto square and its supporting players. The scales started falling from many eyes that Spring, when the BP oil rig (Pluto) exploded (Uranus) in the Gulf of Mexico. Then on March 11, 2011, that monster quake hit Japan, expressing the symbolism of all four elements – earth (quake), water (the tsunami), fire (the near-nuclear-meltdown) and air (the irradiated Japanese atmosphere) — in their most deadly guise.… click here to continue reading.

Citizen Suspects

2632873246_0fecd3544d_oOur long hot summer began when Jupiter conjoined the Sun within hours of the summer Solstice. Then it started kicking the Uranus-Pluto square into gear, which it’ll be doing on and off through next Spring. This is the longest-lasting trigger the Cross has seen since Saturn played that role in 2010.

When Mars, too, enters this range in mid-July, sparks will fly. In the Skywatches we will be looking at how to negotiate these energies on a personal level.… click here to continue reading.

The Spy Who Loved Us

Edward Snowden Speaks To The GuardianIt’s enough to make a gal nostalgic. The CIA of my youth — murderer of the odd student radical, funder of death squads in Latin America – seems almost quaint by comparison to the NSA.

Jupiter (publication, knowledge) was transiting the US Mars-Neptune square (all-encompassing deceit) last week when Edward Snowden blew America’s mind by calling out the elephant in the middle of the room. Y’all are being massively data-mined, he pointed out, and not just by FaceBook – to which we have effectively given our enthusiastic assent1 – but by our government.… click here to continue reading.

Big Wide World

imagesWe have about a month left of Jupiter in Gemini. What have we learned over the course of its tenure (June 11th, 2012 – June 25th, 2013)? Jupiter bestows the gift of perspective upon those who are ready for it. It makes conscious the previously unconscious models we’ve been using to confer meaning on things. These models frame our relationship with the big, wide world.

Most of us don’t think of this as a relationship, as such.… click here to continue reading.

Masters of War

Things are about to get complicated (see the Skywatch for May), with new energies entering the transit picture. So far,images-1 this Spring has been all about Mars.

The red planet has been throwing its weight around like a bully on the school bus. As we have seen, Mars set the tone for the whole season when it set off the Uranus-Pluto square at the Equinox. It is to Mars that astrologers are chalking up the hue and cry over weaponry in the USA.… click here to continue reading.