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Vive la Résistance!
Part One: Inside the Gate

I like the fact that we, the anti-Trump multitudes, are being called The Resistance. My Moon in Sadge gets off on being anointed with this historically dignifying term.

All the same, maybe we shouldn’t capitalize it, just yet. It feels a bit presumptuous for American progressives, a relatively cosseted lot, to identify ourselves with the brave anti-fascists of the Greatest Generation.

But we have a grand fight on our hands, and could use all the morale boosting we can get.… click here to continue reading.

Welcome to the Kakistocracy

1916572_689842171157910_6288094094310148293_nSisters and brothers, it’s time to shake off our spiritual hangover from November. Things are happening very fast since the Clown Prince was inaugurated. A high level of alertness is required right now.

No small feat, maintaining alertness during times like these. But by astrological logic, there’s a link between the intensity of world events and the degree of focus required.

Transit-wise, these are the most important years of our lives.… click here to continue reading.

Fool’s Gold

Artist: Agostino ArrivabenrFellow Americans, we are entering the next phase of our country’s nervous breakdown.(1) Time to zoom out from the chaos with a cosmic wide-angle lens.

When an individual has a psychotic break, their sense of fundamental reality starts to drop away. When a group has one, what drop away are the cultural structures that are supposed to be stable and meaningful enough for a society to cohere. (2)

These include moral, political and journalistic structures that constitute our web of reality.… click here to continue reading.

Tower of Babel, Part 3

Fritz Roeber (1851-1924) ~ Walpurgis Night 1910The Buck Stops Here

In this series we’ve looked at some of the assumptions underlying the media onslaught about the election. We’ve considered how it boxes us into a worldview not our own.

This is true of all media messaging. Is it possible to think outside of the box when we can’t see its walls?

Or its floor. In the San Francisco subway station, huge flat advertisements for electronics carpet the platform.… click here to continue reading.

Tower of Babel, Part 2


The Official Story

I don’t think anyone doubts, at this point in American history, that the mass media frames the official narrative.

Much is made of the fact that different media fiefdoms lean either to the “left” (HuffPo, MSNBC) or “right” (those earnest liberals now gobsmacked with incredulity about where all the Trump supporters came from have apparently failed to notice the rise, all these years, of Fox News.)

But this semblance of plurality is also part of the narrative.… click here to continue reading.

Tower of Babel, Part 1

babel-tower-fantasyPoint of Entry

I notice I’m not the only astrologer who’s been feeling reluctant to write about the presidential election. What is it about partaking in this great national conversation that feels so prickly? Besides my Moon in Sagittarius?

I think it’s because we smell the danger, to mind and spirit, of getting dragged into the shit storm, spattered with the hysteria, mired in the mendacity.

There are many different levels on which we could, conceivably, approach the subject of the election.… click here to continue reading.

The Gag Candidate

16a0032c3909918738506e7cf3a8c8caA Trump U. employee was seen carrying a life-size cutout of its founder into their Manhattan offices.

When asked what it was for, he explained that those who signed up for classes were promised a picture with Donald Trump upon graduating. But Trump was traveling, so the students were going to pose with the cutout instead.(1)

Does this not tell us everything we need to know about the “university”, the candidacy and the man?… click here to continue reading.

This is Not an Election

Camille HagnerWhat’s happening in the USA makes no sense as a rite of democracy. But it fits this historical moment like a hand in a glove.

This most unpresidential of presidential campaigns is a blatant — if distorted — display of the biggest transit in the sky. For several months now, the square from Neptune (erasure) has been undermining the American self-image (Saturn in the Sibly 1st house). A mutable T-square between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, in effect since last summer,(1) is expressing itself in the candidates’ febrile, obfuscating generalizations (Jupiter), outright lies (Neptune) and righteous blaming (Saturn in Sadge).… click here to continue reading.

Keeping Score

11703258_593217737487021_2346821292038386208_nWe Americans have two big shows going on. One of them is the Superbowl, in San Francisco at the moment, a 500-pound gorilla who’s sitting wherever he wants. The other one sucking the brains out of the US public is the presidential campaign.

It’s hard to take either of them seriously (see Pretend Politix).

It happens every election year: You always think, It can’t get more absurd than this.… click here to continue reading.

End of the Line

FallenWarriorBSo it looks like the Pentagon intended to target that hospital in Afghanistan, after all. (You remember Afghanistan — that war that’s over?)(1)

After changing their story a few times, the top brass admitted that the bombing by US special ops(2) that wiped out a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz in October was not an accident. Apparently the U.S. advisers(3) had heard a rumor that a terrorist was inside.… click here to continue reading.