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Out of Africa

Horses_of_Neptune,_Walter_CraneNeptune is the also-ran outer planet. It hasn’t been getting the press that Uranus and Pluto have been getting. But it is stationing in mid-November in the sign of its rulership, Pisces, where it is maximally strong (2011-2025). These weeks of its station provide a window into its power.

Neptunian power is all-encompassing but subtle, like the smell of salt water in the air. We feel it buzzing in the collective vibration like an ocean of bees.… click here to continue reading.

First, Do No Harm

mercuryWhen Obama went on TV and declared war last week,(1) Mercury was entering the degree range of the Cardinal Cross. The messenger god delivered the message.

But Mercury didn’t cause the catastrophe. Planets don’t cause events, nor do they supply us with quick and easy answers. In fact, they pose questions. Right now they are posing some very pressing questions, and they aren’t taking “I don’t know” for an answer.… click here to continue reading.

Truth Workers

levels-of-pain-levels-of-blissIt’s undeniable that the world is in a state of acute disaster.1 We have here a collective illness that won’t go away without major intervention.

But by Natural Law there is an equally remarkable influx of truth-telling happening. It is a cure equal to the need.

The Cosmos is nothing if not symmetrical.


Truth flows into my reality every day. Sometimes it comes from artists, images-1sometimes from spiritual teachers, sometimes from “political” thinkers.… click here to continue reading.

This Crowd Will Not Disburse

Sri_Anandamoyi_MaAnandamayi Ma was once asked how someone would know whether to choose the renunciate life. Replied she, “Would one deliberate on whether to flee a massacre?” (1)

We all know what she was talking about. Who among us, if they’ve been paying attention at all, would not view human existence in the twenty-teens as a massacre?

But this recognition is just the beginning.

Not everyone has the chart of a renunciate (and of those who make that claim, many seem to be motivated not so much by a spiritual quest as by a desire to escape.… click here to continue reading.

Fake News

imagesDo you watch Jon Stewart’s “fake news?” The Daily Show is my primary health care provider, offering therapeutic release through snark. Without him, many of us would explode from pent-up outrage and frustration at the tin-eared babble that passes for news.

But every once in a while I’m reminded that professional skewerer Stewart is as wedded to the official narrative as those he skewers. His2300088128_a860c808b2_m reactions to media idiocy are part and parcel of the same closed system, ricocheting against the inside walls of the conceptual box that is American Pretend Politix.… click here to continue reading.

Take Back Your Jupiter

images-5Crises arise for a host of cosmic reasons. Astrologers figure out what these reasons are by taking apart the pieces of planetary configurations, like this month’s cardinal cross.

The fact that most of us are in the throes of individual crises right now is not a surprise to anyone who’s been following this transit. Each of its four corners is trying to provoke self-confrontation.Young man looking in mirror

The Jupiter corner wants us to mature into our integrity.… click here to continue reading.

No More Free Lunch

imagesLast month’s Full Moon brought news that sent a chill down the collective spine of the 99%. Net neutrality received its deadliest blow yet when a federal court moved one step closer to allowing corporations to decide which websites get the fast access everybody wants.

The Full Moon was at 26° Cancer/ Capricorn. Transit trackers familiar with the US (Sibly) chart may recognize these as the placements of America’s Mercury and Pluto.… click here to continue reading.

The Most Important Moment

images-1The first moment of a cycle is its most important moment.

What the sky is doing at the moment a baby takes its first breath encodes the child’s lifelong potential.

The first few days of the lunar cycle set the tone for the entire month.1

And the first month of a given year encapsulates the teachings of that imagescalendar year.2

If you are mystically-minded you’ve no doubt explored this principle.… click here to continue reading.

The Wolves

images-3Astrologers have their eyes on Mars right now, as we will for the rest of this winter and spring. The warrior planet is tightrope-walking back and forth across the degree range occupied by Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. The kick-off of this riff was Christmas Eve, when Mars opposed Uranus in a debut as emphatic as a movie star’s face on a 96-foot screen.

One of the things that happened under that sky was a movie opening.… click here to continue reading.

Nothing Personal

vintage-christmas-shopping-pinterestJust in time for the holiday shopping season, we have the latest trend in American race bias: “shop-and-frisk,” the profiling of customers of color.

Retail racism is, of course, an American tradition. Some of the most iconic images in our history of bigotry are of the imagessegregated soda fountain.

Now the debate has moved uptown. Making headlines here in late 2013: the impugning by store clerks of a customer’s ability to afford grotesquely overpriced fashion accessories.… click here to continue reading.