Transpersonal Astrology:
Explorations at the Frontier

Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier is a compendium of innovative writings on the transpersonal within astrology. As a reflection of the revolutionary energies inspiring the world right now, this anthology offers a variety of cutting-edge thought to stimulate future directions of inquiry and practice. Sixteen unique perspectives are included, all with a common theme: life becomes richer and more spiritually rewarding when we broaden our lens beyond our most immediate concerns.  In presenting astrological symbols as a means to reach towards greater wholeness, this anthology seeks to refresh astrology and promote its continued vibrancy and relevance.

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“Many of my clients these days express a strong desire to understand the roles they play in this tumultuous era. It occurs to me that the urgency of the times is putting pressure on our old definitions of identity, stretching our notions of what a human lifetime means. At this moment in history, the age-old question Who Am I? seems to require a broader context than it once did.”

~Jessica Murray (Chapter 2), The World Moment

“This is a pivotal moment in our collective technological development. By most accounts, we are leaving the Age of Industry behind and entering into the Age of Information. Far from just representing a shift in economic modes of production, this epochal change represents a shift in worldview – a shift in consciousness – with its concomitant transformations in values, motivators, priorities, and orientations.”

~Bill Streett (Chapter 4), The Telos of Techne

“You incarnated into this swirling vortex, and at the instant of your first breath, you internalized an impression of that archetypal array just like a clay jar baked in an oven internalizes an impression of the Earth’s magnetic field the moment it hardens.”

~Rafael Nasser (Chapter 16), Astrology: the Noetic Science


Jessica joins fifteen brilliant astrological thinkers, teachers and writers for an introduction to the most leading-edge ideas in transpersonal astrology.

Here’s a list of the authors and their chapters:

A Transpersonal Perspective by Eric Meyers, Armand Diaz, Andrew Smith

A Transpersonal Vision for Astrology by Eric Meyers

The World Moment by Jessica Murray

Tracking the Evolution of Collective Consciousness by Armand Diaz

The Telos of Techne: Technological Development and the Uranus-Pluto Cycle by Bill Street

Neptune and Opening to Creativity by Dena DeCastro

The Transpersonal Dimension: The Higher Octave of the Personal Planets by Mark Jones

Is the Transpersonal Becoming Personal? The Planets as a Guide to Consciousness Evolution by Faye Cossar

The Death Chart by Maurice Fernadez

Locational Astrology – A Transpersonal Perspective by Andrew Smith

The Vertex: Fate, Serendipity and Attraction by Julene Packer-Louis

Transcendence: The Archetype of Masculine Transformation through the Mars Cycle by Adam Gainsburg

Changing Relationships: A Transpersonal Approach by Margaret Gray

Killer in the Home by Sherene Schostak

No Such Thing as Source: Toward an Understand of Sacred Duality in Evolutionary Astrology by Adam Elenbaas

Shamanic Astrology by Benjamin Berstein

Astrology: A Noetic Science by Rafael Nasser