Webinar: Working with Neptune

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Neptune teaches us the nature of illusion. At its highest, it shows us the way through illusion; misunderstood, it mires us in self-delusion. The most mysterious of the three transpersonal planets, Neptune dissolves that which we think of as real. On a personal level, it challenges the certainties in our lives, replacing definite answers with soulful questions. In the service of melting down the ego, it blurs relationship boundaries and other mental constructs that separate us from others.

On a mundane level, Neptune erodes ideological differences and national boundaries, calling our attention to issues of universal scope. On a transpersonal level, Neptune serves as a diving board into the pool of universal consciousness.

The placement of Neptune natally and by transit can indicate where we are subject to waves of imagination or divine discontent. While it may undermine our efforts to keep our lives ordinary, it is the only part of our chart that can address our yearning for spirit.

1 hr. 42 min.

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