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Dec 2017 Preview
Golden Moment

The remarkable degree of strife and instability being felt right now, even by denizens of the relatively cosseted First World, is forcing us to come up with an equally extraordinary degree of understanding to match. It’s either that, or go under…

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Nov 2017
Kicked into Action

November features a flurry of activity starting around the New Moon of Nov 18th: Thanksgiving week in the USA. Back-to-back transits pop into action in one smooth riff.

Even though each has its own separate themes, the proximity of these shifts gives them a cumulative punch. Sensitive souls may find it all a tad overwhelming… unless we glimpse the patterns behind the action.

Wasn’t it kind of the Goddess to invent astrology?… click here to continue reading.

Oct 2017
Shift in the Wind

Jupiter changes signs on October 10th. This big gas giant, signifier of the way we acquire knowledge, is going into Scorpio for the first time in twelve years.


Consider the difference between Libra, where Jupiter’s been for the past year, and Scorpio, where it will be until late 2018.

Since late 2016, the transit through Libra, sign of justice and equilibrium, has forced us to prioritize issues like income inequality, racial and gender discrimination.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2017
The Furies

The big configuration that puts 2017 on the map is peaking this month. This is the Jupiter-Uranus/ Eris-Pluto T-square. The last two Jupiter oppositions with Eris, exact to the minute of arc, take place Sept 9th and 27th.

During 2017 this column has covered the symbolism of Jupiter in Libra  (fairness and equality), its opposition to Uranus (challenges to ethical status quo) , and Pluto’s square to both of them (breakdown of notions of normality).… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2017
Behind the Moon

For a while now, astrologers have been looking at the transits of late summer 2017 with mixed emotions: some with dread and some with awe, but all with great respect.

Uncle Sam singled out

The Great American Eclipse, so called because its path of totality highlights the USA from coast to coast, coincides with the New Moon of August 21st. This tells us that it’s a beginning. But it’s a super-charged beginning — one that colors not only the whole month, but the rest of this calendar year at least.… click here to continue reading.

Jul 2017
Dive Right In

Mars sets off the Cardinal Cross this month, igniting our gnarliest issues. Problems that have been dogging us for years make themselves known, daring us forward.

If we’re smart, we’ll dive right into them.

“Can you cook and sew, make flowers grow?” (1)

Mars is now in Cancer (6/4-7/20), a moody, close-to-home placement. In this sign the martial impulse is security-conscious and subjective.

Mars is the urge to self-assert; Cancer is the instinct to protect.… click here to continue reading.

Jun 2017
Fairness Awareness

There are five planetary ingresses in June. Nearly half the solar system is moving from one sign into another.

On the 6th Mercury moves into Gemini, and Venus into Taurus. Each is entering the sign of its rulership.

Our mental functioning (Mercury) will be especially quick and active for a couple of weeks. Aesthetically and emotionally (Venus), artistic and relationship impulses are sensual and fertile.


On the behavioral front, Mars enters Cancer on June 4th, highlighting domestic and defensive matters (ego protections included).… click here to continue reading.

May 2017
Thrown for a Loop

A week and a half into May, the god of surprise may appear at our window and set it rattling.

Mercury conjunct Uranus is meant to unsettle our opinions and communications. It often does so by lobbing something unexpected our way.

This is a cosmic trick, to force us to think differently.

If we could suspend our fear of surprise for just a minute — okay, maybe for a week: the conjunction peaks 5/9-10, but the Full Moon exaggerates its effect — we could get a lot out of transits like this.… click here to continue reading.

April 2017
Spring Awakening

As buds pop from barren trees in the Northern Hemisphere, April is popping with planetary activity.

First and foremost, the Sun is setting off the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square. As it moves through the key cardinal degrees April 8-14th, it ignites our Cardinal Cross issues (see last month’s and February’s Skywatches).

By now, these issues should be pretty familiar. On one level, they constitute the key themes of this calendar year.… click here to continue reading.

Mar 2017
Golden Rule

16473449_628311037358011_1658883377977727681_nAs the month begins, the transit that puts 2017 on the map(1) reaches its peak. On March 2nd and 3rd, the second of three Jupiter-Uranus oppositions is exact to the minute of arc.

Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter is retrograde at the moment; conventional wisdom says this is not the time to launch big projects. Until this big gas giant stations direct, on June 9th, we are meant to be reviewing our work.… click here to continue reading.