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Apr 2016
How’s Your Ego?

12246783_976492075730166_5935024652640274718_nWhat shape is your ego in? April’s transits will let you know, for better or worse.

But first we’d better figure out what we mean by “ego,” a concept about which the modern Western mind is deeply ambivalent. From the psychologists, we hear that a healthy ego should be strong and well-defined (which implicitly means yang: robust and forceful [tough luck, Mars in Pisces]). But from pop culture – and definitely from personal relationships — we hear that having a “big ego” makes us an asshole.… click here to continue reading.

Mar 2016
March Forth

11143160_597064883768973_2170036096077925334_nMarch is abuzz with transits — the kind where knowing about them ahead of time can avoid a lot of drama.

Detachment amidst attachment

The buzz starts on that singular calendar date that’s also a command: March fourth. For a couple of days that first week, Mercury squares Mars in late fixed signs. Our communications are interrupted by infusions of ego.

Mars is the urge to get what we want. In Scorpio, it does so with stealth, using strategy and manipulation.… click here to continue reading.

Feb 2016
Alive and Kicking

535341_1151039291573362_6078863664514137090_nReports of the death of the Uranus-Pluto square have been greatly exaggerated.

Have you, too, been hearing that this transit is over? So wrong. Although their final exactitude (1) was last March, Uranus and Pluto will be within orb for years. Right now, the transit is only one slender degree away from exactitude.

If your chart contains anything in the middle degrees of cardinal signs, you will harbor no doubt that the square is alive and kicking.… click here to continue reading.

Jan 2016
Tie Up Your Camel

camel-726344The square between Saturn and Neptune, which will be coming at us in waves through 2017, is one of those transits we get better at the longer it goes on. We handle it better as we begin to understand it. (1) But at first, it’s a real conundrum.

This is where trigger transits come in. Whenever the square gets triggered by some other planet (keep your eyes peeled for early-degree mutable signs), such as happens with Venus Jan 5th – 7th, the hard-core issues arise.… click here to continue reading.

Dec 2015
Winter Storms

FatherTimeSnowmanThe Cardinal Cross is alive and well.

Our old friend the Uranus-Pluto square is now past exactitude(1) but still feisty. Every time a third planet passes through its zone of degrees, sudden storms arise.(2

Transit trackers will have noticed the way the seasonal portals ignite the Cross. Since 2010, every equinox and solstice has functioned as a trigger.

The same thing has happened, often even more explosively, when any of the other planets has moved into a cardinal sign.… click here to continue reading.

Nov 2015
Death and the Ego

Kawanabe Kyosai,19th century

It’s Pluto season. The Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio (10/23 – 11/22 and 11/1-20, respectively) and a T-square with Venus and Uranus will bring Pluto’s mysteries into relationships (11/20-23).

I’m no fan of what’s happened to Halloween,(1) the Scorpio sabbat. We’ve turned it into a consumer blow-out of cheap thrills – sucrose overdose for the youngsters, faux-sexy costumes for the grownups – that I think must have the dark god wincing in disgust.… click here to continue reading.

Oct 2015
The Melting Times

11202129_1081934085205972_4805258443065749080_nThe Saturn-Neptune square, which has been looming for months,  reaches exactitude on November 26.(1) We will be steeping in it for more than a year. It’s the most significant transit since the series of grand crosses anchored by the Uranus-Pluto square,  past its peak (2010-15) but in effect through 2023.

Transits of the outer planets, like these, hang around for as long as they do because they have important work to do.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2015
Listen Up

984256_623896541048671_7181039978036789317_nSeptember is an important turning point annually, and this year it is bristling with transits. If you think of transits as messages from the Cosmos — each one whispered in our ear by the planet in question — September is a month of urgent whispers. Knowing when they’re coming, we can get ready to give them the attention they deserve.

There are two eclipses: the New Moon (solar eclipse) is on the 12th, and the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) is on the 27th.… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2015
The Rocks and the Sea

by Leigh BardugoSaturn, the planet of hard-core reality, is big this month. And its square with Neptune is starting to itch.

The Saturn-Neptune square, which we’ve been feeling all year and will be strong through the autumn of 2016, is the most important transit in the sky right now. In November it will be exact to the minute of arc for the first time,(1) and we can feel the tension mounting.… click here to continue reading.