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Apr 2014 Preview
The Path through the Woods

images-8In every age, there are those who use astrology from a place of passivity and fear; who see the planets as godlike forces that make things happen to us mortals while we just sit around helplessly. But if it’s self-understanding we want, we need a more sophisticated approach.

Right now  lot of people are feeling like a character in a fairy tale, making her way through a dark forest…

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Mar 2014
What About Me?

images-1As Spring comes upon us, big decisions are in the air.  They may be making us feel boxed in, since the transits aren’t giving us much room to move.1

Mars makes a retrograde station on the New Moon, the first day of March.2  A few days later, Jupiter goes direct. This puts both of these planets on track to set off the cardinal cross.

This is by far the biggest transit of 2014.… click here to continue reading.

Feb 2014
Yearning for More

images-6This month let us bless rather than curse Mercury retrograde.

The Goddess gives us these brief periods of apparent backwards planetary movement three or four times a year, to review logistical decisions and other mental contents. What a good idea this is, when you think about it.

It’s our chance to look twice at those elusive wisps of mental energy that otherwise flit on by without a second glance: our thoughts.… click here to continue reading.

Jan 2014
A Year of Wisdom and Foolishness

imagesOn New Year’s Day there’s a New Moon in the wee small hours of morning. The year is announcing itself like the blast from a trumpet. No one can say we haven’t been warned: the meaning of 2014 is being declared straight out of the gate.

It’s about exposing our cherished dysfunctions.

Mars and the Cross

The week before the 2014 kicks in, Mars and Jupiter have added their cardinal heft to the Uranus-Pluto square , cranking up the sense of crisis we associate with a grand cross.… click here to continue reading.

Dec 2013
Out with a Bang

centaur-with-bow-arrow-fire2Astrologers have been buzzing about the tip of the tail of this calendar year. It will feature the Cardinal Cross lit up in all its glory, with Mars poised to light the fuse. Between Christmas and New Year’s, all four Cardinal signs will square each other down in a full-on Grand Cross.1

But the month doesn’t start out that way.

New Moon in Sagittarius

On an energy level the month begins on Monday the 2nd, with the New Moon at eleven degrees Sagittarius.… click here to continue reading.

Nov 2013
Emotion-phobes Beware

god_of_war_ascension_poseidon-HDHalf of the sky is in water signs as the month begins. The mood is wet and deep.

How to Care

Jupiter in Cancer stations on the 6th; it is barely moving, which makes it emphatic.1  During the days around this station, in the sign of nurture, our thoughts may turn to questions of human need.

How do we help those who need care? How developed is our empathy?… click here to continue reading.

Oct 2013
Twist of Fate

imagesThe Equinox, still buzzing in the air, set the tone. As October begins, the Sun reaches the degrees of Uranus and Pluto, and >pop< goes the T-square.

Each of us is on a teeter-totter of some kind, doing our best to steady ourselves… when suddenly a tree limb lands heavily on one side or the other, making both sides jump and scramble to regain balance.

The first three days of the month offer up an explosive little twist to something we think we’ve figured out.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2013
Due Diligence

autumnIt’s time to take stock. Virgo is about checking what’s on our shelves, straightening out our dresser drawers and deleting old computer files. The New Moon in Virgo on Sept 5th is a good time to pledge to eliminate all unnecessary drama over the next four weeks.images-5

Not a pledge to make glibly, since Mars will be squaring Saturn during early September (exact on 9/9). This will make many of us knit our brows with frustration, at best, or condemn whatever we’re doing as a failure, at worst.… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2013
How Big is Your World?

imagesAre we ready to broaden our horizons, sisters and brothers? Viewpoints are about to be blown open, willy-nilly. We will see both the negative and the positive extremes of Jupiter this month, as it takes over from Mars as the trigger for the Cardinal Cross. Whatever we think about what’s going on in the world, if we let this transit work its magic on us, our perspective will have grown a couple of sizes by the time the summer’s over.… click here to continue reading.

Jul 2013
Sail Away

images-1To those emotionally courageous souls whose path involves feeling everything that’s there to be felt, I have this to say: Get ready for the roiling waters.

July will be replete with strikingly different feeling tones. At times we’ll probably feel we are carrying crosses: boxed in by the squares (90° angles between planets). At other times, we may settle into the effortless fluidity of the trines (120° angles).

When the squares are upon us, we may feel prodded into decisive action we’re not sure how to take.… click here to continue reading.