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Nov 2015 Preview
Death and the Ego

Kawanabe Kyosai,19th century

I have been lobbying against calling Pluto “the planet of Death.” Even though I slip into using it myself — it’s a darn catchy phrase – it perpetuates an epochal misunderstanding: that death is the end. (Whatever that means. Is the idea that everything goes black, as we thought when we were children?)…

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Oct 2015
The Melting Times

11202129_1081934085205972_4805258443065749080_nThe Saturn-Neptune square, which has been looming for months,  reaches exactitude on November 26.(1) We will be steeping in it for more than a year. It’s the most significant transit since the series of grand crosses anchored by the Uranus-Pluto square,  past its peak (2010-15) but in effect through 2023.

Transits of the outer planets, like these, hang around for as long as they do because they have important work to do.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2015
Listen Up

984256_623896541048671_7181039978036789317_nSeptember is an important turning point annually, and this year it is bristling with transits. If you think of transits as messages from the Cosmos — each one whispered in our ear by the planet in question — September is a month of urgent whispers. Knowing when they’re coming, we can get ready to give them the attention they deserve.

There are two eclipses: the New Moon (solar eclipse) is on the 12th, and the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) is on the 27th.… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2015
The Rocks and the Sea

by Leigh BardugoSaturn, the planet of hard-core reality, is big this month. And its square with Neptune is starting to itch.

The Saturn-Neptune square, which we’ve been feeling all year and will be strong through the autumn of 2016, is the most important transit in the sky right now. In November it will be exact to the minute of arc for the first time,(1) and we can feel the tension mounting.… click here to continue reading.

July 2015
Why We’re Here


Like all living things, we humans have cellular memory. After we’ve gone through a life-altering transit, its teachings reside deep within the mind/body/spirit, poised and waiting.

They’re waiting to spring into awareness. This often happens when a lighter transit comes along, and crosses that same patch of sky. (1)

a-tap-on-the-shoulderAn event pops up to remind us what’s important. An inner or outer event, tailored just for us.

We get several of these triggers during the month of July.… click here to continue reading.

Jun 2015
The God of Mists and Waters

1964933_303629493120561_843274966_nNeptune, the god of mists and waters, casts a dreamy sheen over the month of June. The planetary station on June 12th marks his maximal impact.

As a pebble dropped into a pond creates concentric circles in space, the effects of a transit like this spread outwards in concentric circles of time. The couple of weeks before and after the 12th are inflected with ripples of subtle feeling.… click here to continue reading.

May 2015
The Two-Faced God

Are-you-careful-of-what-you-wish-for-1In last month’s Skywatch, we talked about the tug-of-war between Gemini and Sagittarius: Information vs knowledge. This month a string of oppositions puts this theme front and center.

Mercury goes into Gemini as May begins, and stays there until early July. Words flow quickly during this period; topics are multiple and varied. Emphasis is on the collecting and processing of data, the 9312132a03c53df81ba6c63e6efead8496642026comparing and contrasting of opinions.

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Apr 2015
Ready to Roll

GTY_swarm_of_bats_BE9805-001_jt_131124_16x9_992The intensity of March continues into April. As the new month begins, the suspense is building.

The Full Moon is on the 4th, and right afterwards, the Sun and Mercury kick off the Uranus-Pluto square. Fresh 476482125-1024x681from its exactitude two weeks ago, this great square remains king of the skies.


In the midst of the excitement, Jupiter stations on the 8th. Somewhere in our lives, a red light switches to green.… click here to continue reading.

Mar 2015
Ides of March

pluto-square-plutoThe big news this month is that the major transit of our times is having its last exact hit. All of March reverberates with the Uranus-Pluto square.

It’s Venus that sets it off. She conjoins Uranus and squares Pluto on March 4th – 5th. Mars follows up even more explosively on March

Right smack in the middle of the month — around the Ides of March – the square comes to exactitude.… click here to continue reading.