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May 2007
The Troubled Young Man with a Gun

Astrologers are looking at the chart of the Virginia Tech shootings for hints about the mind and motivations of Cho Seung-hui, America’s latest Troubled Young Man (With a Gun). A dread new cultural archetype, the TYM(WAG) is a desperately attention-worthy sign of the times. We have come a long way from the 1950s’ Man in the Grey Flannel Suit.

But the chart does not tell us just about Cho. It tells us about the season we are living through.… click here to continue reading.

April 2007
The Reality/Unreality Paradox

Saturn Stationary Opposite Neptune

Saturn and Neptune have been opposing each other in the sky for the last couple of years, with an unmistakable impact upon the mass mood. In some ways blatantly obvious, in some ways extremely subtle, this aspect is an all-encompassing indicator of the feeling tone of what has been a very peculiar period.

Neptune’s penchant for the non-ordinary has seeped into humanity’s emotional life, enlivening the last half of the decade with ambivalent dramas as fascinating as they are disturbing.

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March 2007
The Bastard Muses of American Culture

The Equinox this month is astrology’s New Year’s Day. It represents the Sun’s entry into the first minute of the first degree of the first sign; and it bursts upon the scene like buds splitting open in the sunlight.

This is the chart we read to take the pulse of the whole zodiacal year. In the Northern hemisphere it signifies the first day of Spring, officially arriving this year on March 20th at 5:09 PDT.… click here to continue reading.