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Mar 2017
Golden Rule

16473449_628311037358011_1658883377977727681_nAs the month begins, the transit that puts 2017 on the map(1) reaches its peak. On March 2nd and 3rd, the second of three Jupiter-Uranus oppositions is exact to the minute of arc.

Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter is retrograde at the moment; conventional wisdom says this is not the time to launch big projects. Until this big gas giant stations direct, on June 9th, we are meant to be reviewing our work.… click here to continue reading.

Feb 2017
Rejecting the Intolerable

6833a8e56fdcf954de0cd317a58dbfe4Mercury kicks off the Uranus-Jupiter opposition on the first two days of February, igniting the year’s big cardinal T-square. (1) Whatever arises during these few days is a statement about the key lessons facing us.

Whether the event is inner or outer, respond to it with awareness. If you find yourself reacting, instead, that’s okay. Notice that’s what you did. And make a decision to learn from it.

The T-square

To get at the general meaning of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto configuration, let’s break it down into its parts.… click here to continue reading.

Jan 2017
A Well-Crafted Poem

12799145_689420981200029_4825635591593789163_n2017 begins with a lesson about the fictional nature of reality. The Mars-Neptune conjunction on New Year’s Day asks us to accept that the world is slippery and unknowable. The best approach is a bemused spiritual detachment: to stand outside of events, in observation mode.

If our behavior (Mars) vacillates and equivocates right now (Neptune), it’s only appropriate. A test of how well we work with transient perceptions, this inaugural transit offers fertile ground for artists, dreamers and liars: those who work purposefully with ambiguity.… click here to continue reading.

Dec 2016 Preview
Swan Song

michael-parkes-art-2The feeling that’s in the air right now – that of crisis of faith — began the year, set the tone for its twelve months, and is resounding more vocally than ever as the calendar year winds to a close. Only now it’s spiked up with what Uranus-Eris hath wrought: the results of the November election…


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Nov 2016
Fair is Fair

12321449_704071916401602_4950885662257937940_nThe most important transit of November takes place on an American holiday devoted to gratitude. This is an utterly appropriate approach to the Jupiter-Pluto square.

Gratitude is the most fitting response to any transit of Jupiter, the planet of unasked-for blessings, or “fortune” (1). Unlike Saturn, its evil twin, Jupiter does not require that we earn what we get. What arrives feels like “luck.” (2)

Open-hearted enthusiasm is the hallmark of Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter.… click here to continue reading.

Oct 2016
Keeping Us on Our Toes

nureyev+AvedonDon’t get comfortable. We aren’t supposed to be settling in, right now. The transits upon us are not about complacency, they’re about mass destabilization; and the more on-board we are with them, the more creative we will be.

Things are rocking and shifting. Our goal should be to align ourselves with the tumult, and let it inspire us.

Edges melting

This year has been dominated by the Saturn-Neptune square,(1 still within orb this month.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2016
Faith and Doubt

1174549_462407887234674_9204120388209848055_nSeptember is upon us. The biggest celestial event of the year, the Saturn-Neptune square, reaches its third and last exactitude on the 9th and 10th.

Coming to a head right now are the issues we’ve been looking at in the Skywatches throughout this year.

Since late 2015 when the square began, the world has been shaken by a struggle between the planet of form (Saturn) and the planet of formlessness (Neptune).… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2016
The Lie that Tells the Truth

10615374_451355445006585_7706256029075251922_nThis month is buzzing with the Saturn-Neptune square, a rich and difficult transit. It’s vibrating the hinges off of August from beginning to end.

What happens during the next few weeks shouldn’t come as a surprise. All year the Sat/Nept conflict has been rattling our windows with its central theme: How to live in a world where realness works in tandem with falsehood. (1)

Each time this transit is triggered, something happens in our lives that’s a variation on the theme: that of apparent reality vs.… click here to continue reading.

Jun 2016
Secrets and Lies

11071511_538742446267884_500168432656702256_nWe’re being teased, again, with that great cosmic riddle: How to tell the real truth from what passes for truth. The Saturn-Neptune square — the biggest deal of the year, astrologically – is exact again on 6/17-18.(1)

Even if we feel we’ve already been tested, we’ll be tested again. During the first week of the month, Venus and the Sun set Saturn and Neptune off, creating a T-square with Jupiter.… click here to continue reading.