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Oct 2016
Keeping Us on Our Toes

nureyev+AvedonDon’t get comfortable. We aren’t supposed to be settling in, right now. The transits upon us are not about complacency, they’re about mass destabilization; and the more on-board we are with them, the more creative we will be.

Things are rocking and shifting. Our goal should be to align ourselves with the tumult, and let it inspire us.

Edges melting

This year has been dominated by the Saturn-Neptune square,(1 still within orb this month.… click here to continue reading.

Sep 2016
Faith and Doubt

1174549_462407887234674_9204120388209848055_nSeptember is upon us. The biggest celestial event of the year, the Saturn-Neptune square, reaches its third and last exactitude on the 9th and 10th.

Coming to a head right now are the issues we’ve been looking at in the Skywatches throughout this year.

Since late 2015 when the square began, the world has been shaken by a struggle between the planet of form (Saturn) and the planet of formlessness (Neptune).… click here to continue reading.

Aug 2016
The Lie that Tells the Truth

10615374_451355445006585_7706256029075251922_nThis month is buzzing with the Saturn-Neptune square, a rich and difficult transit. It’s vibrating the hinges off of August from beginning to end.

What happens during the next few weeks shouldn’t come as a surprise. All year the Sat/Nept conflict has been rattling our windows with its central theme: How to live in a world where realness works in tandem with falsehood. (1)

Each time this transit is triggered, something happens in our lives that’s a variation on the theme: that of apparent reality vs.… click here to continue reading.

Jun 2016
Secrets and Lies

11071511_538742446267884_500168432656702256_nWe’re being teased, again, with that great cosmic riddle: How to tell the real truth from what passes for truth. The Saturn-Neptune square — the biggest deal of the year, astrologically – is exact again on 6/17-18.(1)

Even if we feel we’ve already been tested, we’ll be tested again. During the first week of the month, Venus and the Sun set Saturn and Neptune off, creating a T-square with Jupiter.… click here to continue reading.

May 2016
Queen of the May

In a year bristling with chaos, (1) let us take a few weeks out to celebrate the boundless fertility, order and serenity of Nature. As May begins, half the planets in the pantheon are in earth signs (2). When we connect the dots between their placements in the sky, the configurations they form are sublime.

What appears are a couple of equilateral triangles, the most harmonious pattern in astrology.… click here to continue reading.

Apr 2016
How’s Your Ego?

12246783_976492075730166_5935024652640274718_nWhat shape is your ego in? April’s transits will let you know, for better or worse.

But first we’d better figure out what we mean by “ego,” a concept about which the modern Western mind is deeply ambivalent. From the psychologists, we hear that a healthy ego should be strong and well-defined (which implicitly means yang: robust and forceful [tough luck, Mars in Pisces]). But from pop culture – and definitely from personal relationships — we hear that having a “big ego” makes us an asshole.… click here to continue reading.

Mar 2016
March Forth

11143160_597064883768973_2170036096077925334_nMarch is abuzz with transits — the kind where knowing about them ahead of time can avoid a lot of drama.

Detachment amidst attachment

The buzz starts on that singular calendar date that’s also a command: March fourth. For a couple of days that first week, Mercury squares Mars in late fixed signs. Our communications are interrupted by infusions of ego.

Mars is the urge to get what we want. In Scorpio, it does so with stealth, using strategy and manipulation.… click here to continue reading.

Feb 2016
Alive and Kicking

535341_1151039291573362_6078863664514137090_nReports of the death of the Uranus-Pluto square have been greatly exaggerated.

Have you, too, been hearing that this transit is over? So wrong. Although their final exactitude (1) was last March, Uranus and Pluto will be within orb for years. Right now, the transit is only one slender degree away from exactitude.

If your chart contains anything in the middle degrees of cardinal signs, you will harbor no doubt that the square is alive and kicking.… click here to continue reading.

Jan 2016
Tie Up Your Camel

camel-726344The square between Saturn and Neptune, which will be coming at us in waves through 2017, is one of those transits we get better at the longer it goes on. We handle it better as we begin to understand it. (1) But at first, it’s a real conundrum.

This is where trigger transits come in. Whenever the square gets triggered by some other planet (keep your eyes peeled for early-degree mutable signs), such as happens with Venus Jan 5th – 7th, the hard-core issues arise.… click here to continue reading.